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GOEQUAL is a digital tool to help companies and organisations achieve gender equality in the workplace. Gender equality leads to more satisfied customers, members and coworkers. It boosts profit and attainment, while contributing to solving one of the big challenges in society.



  • Gets results
  • Many have the objective of achieving gender equality, but far to few achieve results, since they get stuck in surveys, statistics and analysis paralysis. GOEQUAL’s teaching method is based on moving towards results, step-by-step. Instead of just talk, GOEQUAL leads to gender equal results and sustainable change.
  • Easy to use
  • GOEQUAL combines a deep knowledge of systemic work for change, gender research and well-tried methods with all the advantages of digital technology. No prior knowledge is required, we’ve incorporated that for you. With the help of digital technology, we make the work simple and stimulating.
  • Accessible everywhere
  • GOEQUAL is a digital tool, which means that you can work in the tool wherever and whenever you want. The help key answers frequently asked questions quick and easy.


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A film that shows how the tool works. 


With GOEQUAL you create gender equality step-by-step. No prior knowledge is required, since the tool is based on knowledge of systemic work for change, gender research and well-tried methods. In a methodical and simple way (See the Q method above), changes are made within the regular operation. Digitalisation makes the work systematic, manageable and simple to follow up. Everyone knows what to do, but not everyone does everything.